10 Ways Stress Is Destroying Your Health

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Let’s be realistic. There’s really no way to avoid some amount of stress in your life. There are a million things that cause stress, from financial worries to relationship problems, so we know that the thought of being relaxed, mellow, and carefree 100 percent of the time just isn’t reasonable. Hopefully we can all learn ways to manage or minimize stress, because for many people it is a killer, and it’s a sneaky one a that! Stress wears you down over time, causing damage that you may not even be aware of until it’s too late. If you need some reasons to work on reducing stress in your life, try these on for size.

1. Cancer

Sounds sensationalist, doesn’t it? Well, prepare yourself for a surprise. Researchers at Wake Forest University have discovered that stress actually helped cancer cells survive in mice. When mice were subjected to stress and then given an anti-cancer drug, the cancer cells in the mice were better able to survive thanks to increased adrenaline levels that were brought on by stress. Sound like a pretty good reason to calm down!

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