10 Things Around The House That You Should Probably Clean More Often

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Most of us don’t look forward to spending a good part of our day cleaning the house but it’s one of those things that has to be done unless you want to end up living somewhere that looks like the local landfill. We also don’t adhere to the same standards where “clean” is concerned, of course, and there are definitely people on both ends of the spectrum. There are those that cannot rest unless everything is squeaky clean and is In its proper place. Others are content to keep things a little more loosely organized and are able to tolerate a certain level of clutter in their living space. Unfortunately for all of us, there are some everyday items around our homes that we probably don’t pay enough attention to when it comes to cleaning, and neglecting these things  can sometimes lead to health problems that could be easily avoided.

1. Coffee Pot

A fair number of us could probably be considered coffee addicts and that means there are a lot of coffee pots in houses all over the world. In many cases, it’s one of those things you might think of as something that does not need to be cleaned very often since it’s almost constantly in use. Even so, things can get to growing in your coffee pot that you don’t necessarily want to be drinking along with your morning cup of java. But that’s not where the problems end. A scientific study found that an astounding 50 percent of coffee makers had mold and yeast growing in them, while 10 percent were found to be harboring coliform bacteria!

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