10 Reasons You’ll Thank Yourself For Giving Up Soda

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Anyone who has spent any time poking around here knows we are not big fans of soda. It’s not that we don’t love it, because we do! It’s more because of the way it just doesn’t love us back. As good as it tastes, it’s best to make soda a very tiny portion of your diet – like for special occasions and holidays only. A nice benefit to that is that it tastes pretty incredible after you haven’t had it for a few months. It’s been well-established that soda is one of the unhealthiest things you can drink, and that goes for “diet” or sugar-free versions as well. While the idea of giving up soda may horrify you, you’ll never know how it will benefit your health until you give it a try. Here are 10 good reasons that you’ll be glad you did.

1. Save Money


Soda is probably a long way from being the most expensive item in your shopping cart, but the savings can add up when you start leaving it on the shelf, especially if you are someone who buys it by the case on a regular basis. Considering that about $76 billion worth of soda was sold to consumers in 2012, it might represent bigger savings than you think.

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