10 hidden health hazards at the supermarket

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The supermarket should be a place we can go without having to worry about potential hazards to our health and the health of our families. Sadly, that just isn’t the case, even in this modern era of industrial food production and government regulations that are supposed to keep our food supply safe. Like just about everything else in life, shopping for food is something you cannot do blindly. Although there are relatively few cases of serious heath problems that have resulted from something picked up in a supermarket, it still makes sense to stay on guard and be fully informed about all potential dangers, whether it be on a dark street at night or a well-lit supermarket with up-beat music playing in the background. Here are a few potential hazards to watch for while you shop.

1. Misty produce

Many food retailers use automation to keep their products looking fresh and appealing to the customer’s eye. In the produce department it is a common practice to use misters that periodically spray some produce with water. That sounds harmless enough, but failure to maintain the storage areas that hold the water that feeds the misters can result in dangerous levels of bacteria accumulating. One of the biggest dangers is that the mist can cause illnesses like Legionnaires’ disease if it is inhaled. It’s best to stay clear of the area when the misters are in operation.

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