10 Germ-collecting Hot Zones

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Most people tend to be pretty particular about cleanliness when it comes to certain things like the dishes we eat off of and the utensils we use to eat. We load them into the dishwasher and add powerful detergent solutions that will combine with hot water to clean and disinfect the things we used to cook with and eat from. Unfortunately, many of us are not as particular when it comes to our interactions with some of the most germ-laden things we come in contact with during our normal, everyday activities. While you might not be surprised to see some of the items on this list, there are others that you might find a bit shocking.

1. Kitchen Faucet


While you may be thinking that a quick wipe-down with some bleach or other disinfectant solution might do the trick, it’s not the faucet surface we are talking about this time. That little filter screen that is right at the end of the faucet where the water comes out can collect its own little colony of bacteria. Tap water is not sterile, and the moisture that is almost always present on that screen makes it much easier for bacteria to collect and multiply. To keep it clean you can remove it once a week or so and soak it for a bit in a bleach and water solution.

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