10 diseases you can actually catch from your pets

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When we think of certain animal behavior in human terms, there’s really no doubt that a lot of what our pets do is pretty gross. We humans don’t normally go around sniffing one another’s rear ends, or for that matter, cleaning ourselves with our tongues. That is all perfectly normal behavior if you are a German Shepherd or a tomcat, but sometimes the things our pets manage to get into or come down with can also be a health risk for us. Fortunately, a lot of risk can be reduced just by being a bit more careful in the way we take care of and interact with our pets.

1. Ringworm

Something with the word “worm” in is never very encouraging where diseases are concerned, but it’s actually not all that bad with regard to ringworm, because is really does not have anything to do with worms at all. Ringworm is actually a fungal infection, and although it may be a relief to realize that it has nothing to do with actual worms, it’s got a reputation as something that’s very contagious. Even without a host to live on, ringworm can survive for months, so it’s something that’s very easy for pets to pick up if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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