10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

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One sure fire way to lose weight is to speed up your metabolism. Just ask anyone who has ever had problems with hyperthyroidism how easy the pounds melted off without the benefit of dieting or exercise. But potentially dangerous medical conditions certainly aren’t the ideal way to rev up your metabolism for weight loss or any other reason! The same goes for various “diet pills” that have come and gone through the years. The safety of any medications, including diet pills, is something everyone should establish by talking with their doctor before ever taking them. On the other hand, there are reasonable and very safe things you can do to increase your metabolism. You may not get the same results someone with hyperthyroidism might, but you won’t be putting your health at risk either. Try these safe and easy ways to boost your metabolism.

1. Get Up!

Sounds easy, right? Well, in a lot of cases it will be much easier said than done. As service industry jobs have increased over the last few decades, more of us spend most of our days sitting down. Only now are researchers discovering how dangerous that can be. In some ways, sitting is the new smoking. It is much worse for your health than you might imagine. To combat the negative effects of sitting too much and boost your metabolism at the same time, try to arrange it so you can stand more while working. If that’s not practical, you can do simple things like standing or walking while you talk on the telephone. Take advantage of any opportunity you get to get up, walk around, and get the blood moving.

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