9 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

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Although great progress has been made through the years in the treatment of cancer, it’s still a disease that strikes fear into those who are diagnosed, or who think they may have it. A lot of attention in recent years has moved from the notion of a cure for cancer, and more towards prevention. It certainly seems reasonable to assume that cancer is caused by something. It’s difficult to believe that cancer just appears randomly in people without some external trigger. There are certain behaviors that have been proven to increase cancer risk, such as smoking. Therefore, it may be reasonable to assume that not smoking reduces the risk of cancer. What other things might we do to reduce our cancer risk? The following suggestions are not a guarantee that cancer will be avoided, but there is some evidence that following this advice may help reduce your risk.

1. The Sun

Many people still “worship” the sun in the sense that they love to expose themselves to it’s warm rays with the hope of getting a tan. While some sun exposure probably does more harm than good, it’s probably not wise to overdo it. Spending hours in the sun is a good reason to apply an effective sunscreen, which may help reduce your risk of skin cancer. Protecting your eyes is also a good practice, which is easily accomplished with the use sunglasses that block the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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